Our philosophy:   Do it well or don’t do it at all!

Undertaking a market research project is like building a bridge – the end product needs to look nice, but if the fundamental engineering is flawed, the bridge is, well, pretty shaky. For research, a shaky bridge potentially means poor decisions because of faulty data.

So, it’s critical the research is well designed to meet project objectives and that it is robust - decisions need to be made based on evidence that can be trusted.  We believe very strongly that research should be done well, or not done at all.

Here’s how we do it:

  1.  Clarity of purpose: Clarity of purpose means everything to the success of a project. 
Together with the client, we need to be crystal clear about the business/ organisational issues involved; defining the real questions to be answered, and be confident that by doing so, we’ll address the need: If we have to, we’re not shy about challenging you to get it right.

  1.  Solid engineering : It doesn’t matter how simple or complex the project is, good research always comes down to:
Asking the right questions of the right people.
The fundamentals aren't sexy, but they’re critically important – if they’re wrong, the rest is irrelevant.  For quantitative research that means:

Solid questionnaire design
Bad questionnaire design is, by far, the biggest source of error in quant research. Poorly worded, ambiguous, confusing or unbalanced questions simply don’t measure what they’re supposed to.

OmniPoll Directors have each spent many years in the sphere of public opinion polling, with survey results often open to public scrutiny.      Consequently, they have an acute awareness of the above issues, and take a great deal of pride in the quality of their questionnaire design work.  Importantly, their design work is also internally peer reviewed – it doesn’t matter how experienced or smart you are, other people often think of things you haven’t.

Solid sample design: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” (Henry Ford)
Sample design and execution is one of the things that most clients never see or care about – why should they, all research companies do that stuff well don’t they? Sadly no.

Good sample design and weighting is key to obtaining representative samples. It’s a craft well understood and routinely practiced by OmniPoll Directors, again based on considerable experience in political opinion polling where accuracy is paramount. OmniPoll tackles sample design in ways that most research agencies don’t even think about yet alone practice.

  1.  Direct alignment of outputs to deliver on project objectives
Armed with clarity of purpose and trustworthy evidence, we can confidently align the outputs to deliver on project objectives and needs, whether it be strategic insights or the basic necessities.

  1.  Senior hands on involvement all the way
Every OmniPoll project, however large or small, is managed by a highly experienced OmniPoll partner end-to-end – from project inception through to design and reporting.