Omnipoll Online Omnibus is a monthly 1200 person snapshot of the Australian population aged 18+. You can include one or several questions and only pay per question.

Omnipoll Online Omnibus uses sophisticated sampling (triple interlocking quotas) and weighting methods (by age x gender x area and by education)

Why Omnibus?
It’s cheaper
Each person interviewed answers a variety of questions for different clients but the cost of recruiting them and collecting their demographics is only incurred once. This makes it cheaper – often a quarter the cost of customised surveys using the same method. Your questions are confidential to you.

But it uses the best sampling...
Because costs are shared, we can offer the best quality through large samples, national, state or demographic analysis but still maintain great pricing.

Very fast
We sample over the weekend. Reports within a few days of sampling.

And you get great outputs that get you to market faster
 If required, we will include a presentation/report with key results and key findings. You save time and get more bang for your buck.

All the demographics are included...
Even if you buy just one question, you get a full demographic breakdown of your study including: sex, age, marital status,  work status, education level, household composition, children or no children, area (city/ state), household income and by main grocery buyer.

Best of all, it requires no commitment
Just ask one question or ask a lot. Come and go as you please without the need to commit in advance or pay any minimum cost aside from the cost of your question. We run every month so you choose when to use Omnipoll and when not to. No contracts, no commitments no worries.

  • How:     Online survey using Lightspeed consumer panel
  • Who :    1200 adults aged 18+ years
  • Where:  National, in city, regional and rural areas​
  • When:   Monthly (see fieldwork dates in the above calendar, but still to be confirmed)